1- If there is an emergency call 9-1-1

2- Report any violent incidents immediately to your principal

3- If needed, seek medical assistance at once! Any delay could jeopardize linking your symptoms to your workplace injury. Tell your doctor it is a workplace injury; they need to complete a WSIB Form 8. You will also need to complete a WSIB Form 6, and DDSB will have to complete a WSIB Form 7.

4- Notify Durham ETFO as soon as possible at 905-666-1122

5- If you witness or experience student threats or violence, you legally MUST complete the Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form (also known as the Bill 157 Form) as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours of the incident. A paper copy goes to your principal.

6 – If you have been personally threatened or assaulted, then you should also complete the DDSB Employee Violent Incident Report through Employee Self Service on the Portal. You will be complete section A, and your administrator will complete Section B to record the follow-up actions he or she has taken as a result of your report.  This completed form will be sent to you, the Board, and your Union.

Remedies begin with a paper trail. Effective reporting protects you, your students, your colleagues and helps to ensure a safe & healthy workplace for everyone.